First Google Hangout for Students with President ICAI on 9th January, 2015 | Common Proficiency Test (CPT) | Intermediate (Integrated Professional Competence) Course / Accounting Technician Course (ATC) | Final Course | e-Learning & Webcast
Important Videos

First Google Hangout for Students with President and Vice President, ICAI

CPT Sec-A Ch-7 Unit-2 Joint Venture

CPT Sec-A Ch-9 Unit-2 Issue Forfeture Reissue Of Shares

IIPC-Paper 4 Ch-14 Issue In Partnership Accounts Part 1

Final Course Paper-7 Ch-5 House Property

Final Course Paper-2 Ch-10 Money Market Operations

Final Course Paper-1 Ch-7 Unit-11 AS11 Foreign Exachange

Final Course Paper-2 Ch-6 Security Analysis - Bonds

Final-Paper 5 Ch-2 Decision Marking Using Cost Concepts And CVP Analysis

Final-Paper 7 Ch-4 Income From Salaries

Career Counseling Presentation

Final-Paper 2 Ch-13: Mergers, Acquisitions & Restructuring Part 1

Final-Paper 2 Ch-12: Foreign exchange and risk management part 2

Permutations & Combinations-CPT Section D

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