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ICAI Cloud Campus - Online Mentoring


The Online Mentoring facility has been hosted on the Cloud Campus to enable students interact with Faculty Members and clear their doubts/ questions. The Schedule of forthcoming Online Mentoring sessions from 3.00 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. is as follows:

Sr. Date Course Paper and Topic Faculty Links
1 22-Feb Final Paper-7: Direct Tax Laws, Topic: How to Prepare for Examination and Recent Amendments CA. Priya Subramanian and CA. Aparna Chauhan
2 23-Feb IIPC Paper-1 Accounting and Paper-5 Advanced Accounting, Topic: Amendments applicable for May, 17 Examination CA. Seema Gupta and CA. Asha Verma
3 27-Feb Final Paper-5: Advanced Management Accounting, Topic: Just in Time and Standard Costing Dr. N.N. Sengupta and CA. Deepak Gupta

Online Mentoring Registration Form

Students are required to register participate in the scheduled Online Mentoring Session using the Online Mentoring Form - Click Here and provide specific questions/ problems where they are finding difficulties, for the specific paper and topic of online mentoring session.

In this context, students may note that during the session, queries relating to applicability of Accounting Standards, Standards on Auditing, legislative amendments, Finance Act, Assessment Year etc. for any particular examination, relevant BoS publications, manner of preparation for examination, manner of presentation of answers etc. would be taken up.

As regards academic queries, queries requiring explanation of content contained in the latest edition of any of the BoS publications as well as queries relating to any specific question solved in the latest editions of its Study Material, Practice Manual or any other publication of BoS would be addressed. Accordingly, the students are advised to confine their academic queries within the scope defined above. They are also advised to send their academic queries in advance to enable the faculty to answer the same in the best possible manner.

While every effort would be made to cover as many relevant questions as possible, it may not be possible to answer all such questions received considering time and other constraints. The Registration for Online Mentoring Session shall close one day before the mentoring session

The views expressed in the Online Mentoring sessions are those of the faculty members and aim to supplement the Study Material, Practice Manual and other content provided by the Board of Studies.

The content of this Online Mentoring session has not been specifically discussed by the Council of the Institute or any of its Committees and the views expressed herein may not be taken to necessarily represent the views of the Council or any of its committees.

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